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UX Designer, Developer and Technologist

I am a UX Designer who crafts user experiences based on user research and testing! 

Coming from a Computer Science background, I have been developing mobile apps for over 10 years and have co-founded a company that specialises in bespoke mobile apps.
During the past year I moved to London from South Africa and have been working as a mobile developer and creative technologist but always had a passion for User Experience so I recently completed the General Assembly User Experience Design Immersive course. I love technology and am passionate about using my skills to enable everyone to enjoy and use new technologies.
My Process


Before starting any design, I conduct extensive research to evaluate the business and users.

To evaluate the current business, market research, competitor analysis and heuristic evaluations are conducted to fully understand the current business needs.

For user insight, I collect quantitative and qualitative data from surveys, contextual inquiry and user interviews.

All the data collected is then summarised in to an affinity map, personas, scenarios and use journeys to help create goals for my design process.

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My Process

User-centred design

I keep users as the key focus in all parts of the design process. From the start of my design, personas and scenarios guide my design decisions.

I test my designs with users at all stages, from paper to high-fidelity prototypes. This helps me validate design decisions quickly and find areas of ambiguities and improvement.

Depending on the project, there are various techniques that I use for testing the prototypes, from informal guerrilla testing to more formal lab testing.

see some of my work
My Process

I love to code

I have a Computer Science background and am extremely technical. I have been developing mobile apps for over 10 years and currently specialise in iOS.

I have the most fun coding proof of concepts and prototypes, however most of my development experience is with production quality code.

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My Work

Things I have made

Sorry as a Service
Helping companies turn customer mistakes into legendary experiences
Third Space learning
Redesigning the Third Space website
Reinventing the walkthrough
Inspiration for home decorators
Event planning for friends
Connecting with people nearby
Find delicious food nearby
The complete sneakers guide
A dating app with an asymmetric twist
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